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Barbecue, Grilling & Smoking

A whole lot of folks have asked me how to BBQ a whole hog. So here is how I do it on the Pungo Prairie. Written Recipe coming soon. For now you can watch the Video by clicking on the button below.

Apricot Brandy Smoked Brisket

A delicious Texas style Smoked Beef Brisket with a Pungo Flare. Because Pungo ain't in Texas!

Bourbon Orange BBQ Spare Ribs

Authentic smoked BBQ spare ribs finished in a mouthwatering orange, bourbon & teriyaki sauce.

Pungo Prairie Barbecued Baked Beans

If you're going to have a great barbecue you have to have great side dishes to go along with it! My Pungo Prairie Barbecued Baked Beans will be "The Bomb" at your next barbecue. You're welcome!

Pungo Prairie BBQ Sauce

This homemade Pungo Prairie BBQ Sauce recipe came to me in a dream almost 20 years ago. It is built on a foundation of pureed sun dried raisins and apple cider vinegar. It is the perfect basting sauce for barbecuing and grilling as well as a final touch condiment..

Pungo Prairie Pig Powder

A blend of salt and peppers that is the foundation and key ingredient in Pungo Prairie Piggy Perfume Souse and Vinegear BBQ Sauce, as well as Pungo Prairie BBQ Sauce.

Pungo Prairie Piggy Perfume

A zesty Eastern Carolina style Vinegar Souse Sauce.

Pungo Prairie Pit Powder

This Dry Rub Recipe is the perfect seasoning for Beef Brisket, Boston Butts, Pork Shoulder, Pork Belly, Chicken, Ribs, Seafood and even Grilled Asparagus and other grilled vegetables.

If you're cookin' up BBQ, you better have a great Slaw to go with it!

Pungo Prairie Pigeon Peas & Rice

A Caribbean staple Pigeon Peas & Rice make the perfect side dish for your next Barbecue Adventure!

Brisket Slaw

Made with my Ma Maw Dixon's tangy vinegar, sugar, and egg dressing. Accented with the fruity flare of golden raisins.

Pungo Prairie BBQ Baby Backs

Coming This Spring!

Pungo Prairie BBQ Chicken

Coming This Spring!

Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steak

Coming This Spring!

BBQ Dinosaur Ribs

Coming This Spring!

BBQ Medley

Coming This Spring!

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