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My Little House On The Pungo Prairie

My Little House On The Pungo Prairie

Year of production: 2003-2007

Running Time: 7:26

It didn't take me long after moving to the Pungo Prairie to learn to always have my video camera handy. There was so much natural beauty unfolding all around. Nearly all the scenes in this series were shot right here in the yard. The others were shot on the way to it. This first video is composite of everyday life for God's amazing creatures right here by My Little House On The Pungo Prarie.

Maverick's Story

Year of production: 2007

Running Time: 5:57

In the summer to '07, I was transformed from a notorious big game hunter into a little deer's mamma. Maverick's Story is that of an orphaned whitetail deer fawn. The first of more than thirty that I would go on to raise and return to the wild. Of all God's magnificient creatures, the whitetail deer is my favorite. My love for them is immense. God has blessed me with an incredible look into their world.

Raising Babies And The New Little House

Year of production: 2006-2012

Running Time: 8:02

It takes a little time to build a house. Especially all by yourself. Add having to stop to bottle feed a hungry orphaned fawn bleating at the bottom of the ladder. 

Or run  back to The Home Depot for another box of nails because a House Wren has decided to build her nest in the $80.00 box you just opened and now there's a nest with eggs. Work goes slow perched on 2X8 straddled across roof jacks, nailin' on shingles when you see a baby Blue Jay fall out of it's nest in the crotch of a Maple tree. So you climb down and carry it back up. It's all good though and I wouldn't have traded a minute of it!

"Little House" House Wren Family

Year of production 2014

Running Time: 3:35

There's a whole lot of things goin' on in this big ol' world today that I just don't understand. I still believe in doin' it "Old School" any time you can! Like a mamma and a daddy working hard and raising a family.

Legacy Of "Li'l Lacey" The Deer Fawn

Year of Production 2014

Running Time: 12:37

This little two and a half month old fawn was caught in a fence, and hung upsidedown between two boards at the waist and hips. Animal Control rescued her and brought her to me to see if she could be saved. The Legacy of L'il Lacey will be that he brought together an entire community, united in purpose, and prayer. Quite an accomplishment for a two and a half month old Whitetail fawn!


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