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 Hunting Adventures

Hunting Along Brattons Run

 There are those hunts where not a single shot fired is required to deem it successful. And this hunt exemplifies such. Vibrant colors of Fall, crimson reds and persimmon yellows in contrast against a sky of sapphire blue sets our senses dancing upon rotting logs where graceful steps are taken around the emerald green garden of moss growing there upon. Nary a shot needs to be fired on a hunt such as this. For all of the magical experience any hunter could ever dream is come to complete reality when you are "Hunting Along Brattons Run". here

Cowan Lake Outfitters

Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 19:30

Join me along with my hunting buddies from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia as we hunt the legendary Whitetail Bucks of Saskatchewan, Canada.

True Measure Of The Hunt

Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 8:35

"The success of the hunt is not always measured by the size of antlers taken, nor even the venison brought home from the field."

The entire hunt can be seen in my video "Gravel Pit 4 X 4"

Gravel Pit 4 X 4

Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 16:51 min

The Success of the hunt is not always measured by the size of antlers taken. 'Nor even by the venison brought home from the field.

Good Camp!

Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 11:30

For more than a half century I have been setting up great camps. Most served as a comfortable home base while hunting Elk, Deer, and Moose in remote wilderness areas.Some were packed in by mules or on horseback. Anyone that has ever seen one of my camps, have marveled. Here, I show how to set up a Good Camp the Pungo Prairie way!

Got My "Redneck" Back!

Year of production: 2015

Run Time: 13:38

After 8 seasons, raising nearly three dozen orphaned whitetail fawns, I finally brought myself to taking another buck. Now I am once again filling my freezer with nutritious, delicious venison, my own "Redneck" self!

Whitetail Dreams

Year of Procuction 2006

Running Time 16:30

13 year old David takes a trophy Saskatchewan dream buck. Travel back with me to November, 2006 along on the hunt of a lifetime for us both. The greatest challenge for me during this hunt was staying calm enough so not spook the hunter, as well as the buck while I guide young David through the hunt.

Curing Buck Fever

Year of Production 2004


Come along with me on the hunt of a lifetime for then thirteen year old Michael Little. Where we do indeed, find the cure for "Buck Fever"!

Sweet L'il Leigh Anne's Tree Stand

Year of production 2014

Run Time: 6:45

When you ain't got the three men required to do the job,...well a little Pungo Prairie redneck engineering will "Gitter Done!" Don't forget the rope!

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