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Wild Game Recipes

  The venison taken by the successful hunter

                      is sustenance for the body.







 All that is gained in spirit from the hunt

  is sustenance for the soul.  ~ Bill Dixon ~

Canada Goose and Dumplings

"Bigos" ~ Polish Hunters Stew

This Traditional Polish Favorite is definitely a Cabbage & Sauerkraut lovers meal! A wonderful blend of meats including any type of Wild Game, Polish Kielbasa, and or Beef, Pork & Bacon along with diced apples, prunes and wild mushrooms is a hearty, off the charts, robust meal.

Four delicious recipes for cooking up a Wood Duck,(counting the duck rice). These are Epic Duck recipes right here now! If you don't like these recipes for cooking' up a Wood Duck,...well, you probably don't like your Mamma neither!

Pungo Prairie Rainbow Trout Almondine

If there is one thing I love about a trout bedsides catchin' 'em, it's fixin' up my world famous, Pungo Prairie Rainbow Trout Almondine. There's really not much finer for bringin' to a plate than these tasty little coldwater trout!

Blackened Venison Broil

This extremely delicious, and tender venison cut often goes unnoticed is what I consider to be the prime cut on the entire deer. And the way to prepare it is Blackened or Pan Seared and Braised.

Smoked Venison Ham

This outstanding venison ham recipe will be a huge hit at your next party. Way "more better" than a steamboat round of beef! Try it even with a smaller roast as well.

Pungo Prairie Canada Goose Pot

Now this is the way to cook your goose! 

Smoked Canada Goose

Just an awesome recipe for somking any kind of waterfowl, or any fowl for that matter!


Pungo Prairie Venison Stew!

This hearty dish will be making you grind less burger and saving more of those shoulder and other trimmings for stew meat. And a fresh baked biscuit on top! 'Make you slap Grandma!



Venison Bolognese With Fennel

Everybody just loves a good burger, and venison makes among the very best! Something else I like to do with fresh ground venison is make up a delicious, hearty Bolognese.

Christmas Venison Chili

This is called Christmas Venison Chili, not because I make it for Christmas. Because It is made with both red tomatoes and fresh green tomatillos. Red & green, both colors of Christmas.

I like to use a blend of wild game whenever possible such as a combination of elk, deer, & bison meat both cubed and ground. I really love to add Canada goose sausage whenever I can.

Dr. Jen's Bordeaux Backstraps

The most coveted cut of venison is the loin, or as most hunters say the "Backstraps". By far my most favorite way to prepare this wonderfully tender cut is pan seard and then braised in a garlic & herb Bordeaux wine reduction. And there is no better way to do it than my friend Dr. Jennifer Hoyt Lalli's Recipe, from her delightful cookbook "Hunt & Gather"!

Pungo Prairie Venison Pot Roast

Fall apart, cut with a fork tender, and full of delicious root vegetables. With he Peach Brandy, and Golden Plum Preserves this Just might be the best pot roast you ever had!

Venison Liver & Onions

Liver Lovers, Venison Liver is the best! Fresh Venison Heart is too!

My kids growing up even loved it!

Elk Stroganoff

Just a simple, down home, stick to your ribs Stroganoff made with your Elk, Moose, or Deer Venison Roast.

Moose Meat Ravioli

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