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Dixon's Pungo Prairie Philosophies

A simple country boy's thoughts for living

a more peaceful and happier life.

Pearls of wisdom are like those of the oyster. They're formed over time, from the invasion of something unexpected and foreign into our lives. Culturing the negative into a beautiful precept for life. Gems that adorn our being, and radiate  iridescence from our soul.

~ Dixon ~

  1. Forgiveness is good for the heart. Laughter is good for the soul. So, do both often and remember.

      Don't take yourself too seriously. Nobody else does.


  2. If you're gonna be dumb. You'd better be tough!


  3. Never use money to measure wealth.


  4. If you see a picture take it. It won't wait 'til later.


  5. If I don't love, and respect "me", I can't love, and respect "you". Self respect is the seed from which good

      relationships grow.


  6. Faith is better than seeing. Livin' by faith gives us the freedom to enjoy life's little, everyday things.


  7. Never under-estimate the power of a positive a attitude. Not only does it set the foundation for success. 

      It is the heartbeat of a joyful existence.


  8. The only thing keeping disappointment from becoming encouragement, is belief in yourself...So what's 

     keeping you from believing?...Have faith in yourself...after all...You were created in the image of God!


  9. The best things in life are not free. To obtain them, you first have to give up being a slave to most of the crap

       you spent so much money on in the first place.


 10. If there's one thing I've learned about girls. They are not "made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice".

        But if you leave 'em out of your recipe for livin'...That's gonna be one borin' dish!


  11. If you put perfume on a pig, you'll just wind up with stinky perfume!


  12. You can't argue with ignorance!


  13. A liberal is someone that is so open minded, all their brains fell out.


  14. It is true. It is real. Nothing in this life brings more happiness, than giving to someone, or something in need,

         that makes the most of it. The Lord knows what He is talkin' about, when He tells us that it is better to give 

         than to receive. It is in our giving that we receive the greatest gift of all...not the gift to be loved, but the gift

         to know love.


  15. Look for the beauty in all things. People as well. When we do, we find redemption for our own selves too.


  16. Prayer is a lifestyle. Not an emergency exit. (Stolen quote. John Musing I think) 


  17. There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh tilled earth. 'Perfume for the soul, that's what it is!


  18. Knowledge lacking wisdom, is ignorance without bliss.


  19. The thing I really love about life is making the decision to live it! Not to be shackled to past mistakes. Rather embrace them as precious

         little nuggets of wisdom, forged from the fire of failure, cherished like a good friend. You know. One that makes you feel all

         warm and cozy.  One that lifts your spirit out of the ashes to soar like the Phoenix.


  21. If you have the chance to forgive. It is a chance you should not shrug off. It is a chance you should not ignore. It is a               chance you should not only take, but a chance you should embrace! Because in forgiveness, we find our own                           redemption as well. And trust me when I tell you. Redemption of one's self? Well that is as good as it gets in this life              my friends. Cling to it, and forgive! It will make you a much happier person.


  22.  Tears are curious things. We cry tears when we are sad. When we are wounded. Like when our heart is broken from the loss              of a loved one. They flow when we are injured and bleeding. Our eyes well up with tears of joy when we hold our newborn                   child, or new grand baby, or when our sweetheart says "I Love You" for the first time. Times in between. Or the last time.                    Tears start to flow when we laugh so darned hard from something that strikes us so darned funny. Tears trickle down our                   cheeks when we get sentimental about this or that. It's really hard to hold back the tears when your Son or Daughter tells                 you they have just landed an amazing job, after you know how hard they have worked for many years, for the education,                   that put them on the path to that job. If there is one thing I have learned about tears? Tears, no matter how you sop them,                flow from the fountain of Love we hold in our hearts. And my prayer is, we will always have tears to flow.                                                 Because those tears mean we have a deep well of Love.  And may our Love always be worthy of tears.

  23.  When life throws you into a curve? Well. You just gotta lean into it. And Pray!

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