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                       Enjoying Deer Camp on Brattons Run

   Captain Pungo Steaming Offshore to the Canyon

                       "Virginia Beach deer hunter becomes deer healer"

                                    The Virginian-Pilot" July 29, 2013

               Article by Lee Tolliver - Photos & Video by L. Tood Spencer.

                       "Hunting site gives "'World's Largest Army' a forum"

                                    The Virginian-Pilot" July 24, 2016

  Article by Lee Tolliver - Photos by L. Tood Spencer & Martin Smith-Rodden



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Watch Wendy Griffith's Interview With Bill Dixon On CBN's 700 Club


Bill Dixon is one of the most diverse men I’ve ever met. Yeah, he hunts and fishes, cooks-builds his own home, the Pungo Prairie—camps out with big game and Bigfoot. But, that’s not what makes Bill unique—not that I can tell you what makes him unique, either.

 But, I’ll take a stab at it—he talks slowly and simply while having something interesting to say. Men want to fish and drink with him as much as ladies want to taste his food. He gets along as well with the sport fish mate as he does the multimillionaire that owns the sport fish boat. And, he makes simple chores look incredible in action and even more so in result.


He just has this unique way about him. There's just "something" that you just can't quite put your finger on. You can't touch it or smell the thing. But, it's a whole lot of fun to watch him just to try and figure it out.


The man can walk into his backyard, scream up in the air-and baby deer come running.

Pungo Prairie is the perfect venue, website and place for us who just love to sit back to watch this man, this Bill Dixon, to go or just sorta go through life.


Did I tell you that he once pissed on a wild bear? - Be Forbes - Self-Proclaimed "World Famous Artist"


   To read Lee Tolliver's July 29, 2013, front page article in

                                ~The Virginian-Pilot ~

        "Virginia Beach deer hunter becomes deer healer"


      To read Holly Van Auken's January 7, 2015 article in

                                   ~The Virginian-Pilot~

   "Everyday Chef" -Hunter and builder Is heck of a cook



  Carving the door for the "Little House."

   'Sure wish I had more time for carving.

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