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Pungo Prairie Poultry 

This exotic, colorful, delicious, and festive dish will Wow your Valentine!

Or fix it up anytime for your sweetheart, or dinner guests you really want to knock it out of the park for! 

How about Mother's Day Too?

Make my "Table Side Caesar Salad" for the perfect prelude to your meal!

Hey guys, this is the perfect quick and easy dish to make when your wife has to work late. If you are a Firefighter, or EMS first responder,  make it down at the station house. It'll even keep until you have to put out that blaze or deliver that baby in the driveway!

This awesome chicken recipe with Steve Conrad's "Crazy Asian Marinade" will make your yard bird crow! Get it at !

Spatchcock Chicken Pan Braised With Mushrooms & Roasted Peppers

Coming soon!

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