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What's Cookin' on the Pungo Prairie?

Birds Of Paradise ~AKA~ "Love Birds"

This exotic, colorful, delicious, and festive dish will Wow your Valentine!

Or fix it up anytime for your sweetheart, or dinner guests you really want to knock it out of the park for! 

How about Mother's Day Too?

Make my "Table Side Caesar Salad" for the perfect prelude to your meal!

Caesar Salad Made Table Side

This table side fresh made Caesar Salad will be a huge hit at your next dinner party!

Homemade Crunchy Croutons

Homemade crunchy croutons are easy and delicious. The toughest part abut these croutons is to not eat them all before you get them into your soup or salad!

Whole Poached Rockfish

Pungo Prairie Poached Whole Rockfish Recipe ~ A Festive and Delicious Whole Rockfish (Stripper), That will make you a Culinary Rock-star at your next party!

Sassy Mary, Pungo Prairie, Chicken In A Pot

Hey guys, this is the perfect quick and easy dish to make when your wife has to work late. If you are a Firefighter, or EMS first responder,  make it down at the station house. It'll even keep until you have to put out that blaze or deliver that baby in the driveway!

Pungo Prairie Rainbow Trout Almondine

If there is one thing I love about a trout bedsides catchin' 'em, it's fixin' up my world famous, Pungo Prairie Rainbow Trout Almondine. There's really not much finer for bringin' to a plate than these tasty little coldwater trout!

Pungo Prairie 9 Day Cole Slaw

If you're cookin' up BBQ, you better have a great Slaw to go with it!

Pina` Colada Fried Shrimp

This World Famous, Pungo Prairie Pina Colada Fried Shrimp recipe is the perfect hit for your next party! This video walks you through every important detail to make the perfect splash in your dinners, from now on.

Ella's Banana Pudding

Caution! Severe Cuteness Alert! What could be more fun than Ella teaching Grampy, how to make her world famous Banana Pudding?

Crazy Asian Chicken

This awesome chicken recipe with Steve Conrad's "Crazy Asian Marinade" will make your yard bird crow! Get it at !

Smoked Marlin Salad

It's Got History, Headline News, Great Cooking, Great Fishing, Rock Music, Mangos, A Little Spanish Lingo, An Extra Little Surprise For Ya, and Dancing Fish!.

"So don't go no where. 'Cause you don't wanna miss this!"

Grandpa Billett's Pasta Fazool

My Grandpa Billett's recipe for this hearty, delicious, Italian, country bean soup will have you singin' "That's Amore"!

Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic makes a great appetizer served with roasted peppers and goat's cheese. It really kicks up the flavor in any Italian recipe which calls for cooked garlic.

No Knead Artisan Bread

This amazingly simple recipe will produce a not only beautiful, rustic artisan boule in the tradition of a wood fired brick oven, it will impress your dinner guests by your baking expertise!

Sweet Afton's Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is one of those legendery deserts that can sometimes be a huge disappointment when ordering out. But a relly great Key Lime will always be an epic culinary experience! Sweet Afton's is epic! I developed this recipe more than 35 years ago because I was so tired of being disappointed with the hit or miss experiences I had. When my daughter Afton was twelve years old, I taught her the recipe to make, and sell to local restaurants. No grahm cracker crust here. Fresh Ginger Snaps yes!

Eggplant Lasangette

Eggplant lovers, you gotta try this! As either a side dish or featured entree for you next Italian dinner, I promise you will love my Pungo Prairie Eggplant Lasangette!


Blackeye Peas & Skillet Corn Bread

Just a good ol', down home, southern recipe that is the perfect way to kick off the New Year, or enjoy anytime!

Captain Bill's Back Bay She Crab Soup

The eastern boundry of the Pungo Prairie also happens to be the western shoreline of Back Bay, and Back Bay is also the home of the Blue Jimmy Crab. These crabs yeild up some of the sweetest meat ever, and the jumbo lump from the backfin goes into the makin' of this almost decadent soup.I developed this recipe nearly 40 years ago because I grew frustrated getting hit or miss ordering it out. Until now I have only given the recipe to maybe three people. That's less than once per decade! I just decided that some really great things are meant to be shared.

Dixon's Tent Camp Collards

My favorite time of the year is Fall, and that means planting a fall garden. The main crop for me is Collards. Around these parts everybody just loves these big ol' leafy greens, and they also know that you have to wait for a frost to pick them so they'll be sweet. My family celebrates Thanksgiving in the mountains where I have my hunting tent camp set up. They always ask me to fix up a mess. We also make up a big ol' pot every year for the Pungo Fall Party. Folks just rave about them. Now believe it or not, some people don't like collards. At least they think they don't. That's because they've never had these collards. Actually this is one of my most requested recipes!

Steamed Asparagus Pungo Prairie

Most of the local farmers in Pungo grow Asparagus. It takes a couple of years to get it goin', and it likes a sandy soil. Once it takes off, asparagus will come back every year growin' like weeds. I always make up a big platter for Easter Dinner. One of my favorite things to do with asparagus is to make it as a full meal served with smoked Salmon. Now that's a marriage made in Heaven right there! This quick and delicious recipe will have you steaming it up the Pungo Prairie way!

Veal Chop Pizzaiola

This is such a fun and festive dish I even composed a piece on the piano for it! The only one I know.


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