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"If you see a picture, take it!

It won't wait 'til later."

           ~ Frank Dixon ~

The interior is mostly a blend of different woods for the walls, ceilings, and floors. I incorporated customized carvings, which I taught myself how to do, for the front door, hearth mantle, and staircase.




When I built the "Little House" I wanted it to have it's own unique personality. I love being outdoors so I did whatever I could to bring the outdoors inside. It took some time because I built it by myself. You can see more of the "Little House" by taking the "Virtual Tour". 




"After being married for nearly twenty years, the love of my life gave me, divorce papers to sign. God gave me a little house...on the Pungo Prairie."


I had sold the home that I had built for my family to my dear friend Henry. I had no idea where I was going to live. My buddy Willard said, "Dixon, I found you a place." We took a drive down Muddy Creek Road. At the end of a quarter mile dirt lane, off the hard surface, there was a for sale sign in the waist high weeds under a cedar tree.


The house was just plain sucked! However I liked the fact that it was off the road. I went back home and loaded a mower into my truck. Upon returning, I mowed down a 10'X10' patch from the tall weeds. The next morning I returned with a cup of 7-11 coffee, a folding camp chair, and my Bible. I sat there in that little cleared patch in the weeds to have my morning devotions.


First, I heard a crow call, then a quail..."bob white..bob white." I had not heard a quail call in years. "Wow! This is so cool" I thought. Just then a small group of Canada Geese came flying low over the trees, circled, and landed in the corn stubble field, 75-yards out to the South. The land began to beckon me...a sort of soft whisper, "Dixon, you're home."


I got Willard to write the contract, and the rest is history. Welcome, y'all, to this Magical Place that I affectionately call, "The Pungo Prairie".


"If you see a picture take it! It won't wait 'til later."  - My Dad, Frank Dixon

    I am just a simple country boy. It hasn't always been this way. I have learned that "less IS more". My philosiphy on life is "just don't make it complicated". It can get complicated enough without any extra help from me. "Don't borrow worry." I just try to do the best I can, and be honest with me. Self respect is the seed from which good relationships grow. I can't love and respect you, unless I love and respect me. It has taken half a century for me to learn the power of a positive attitude. It is the heartbeat of a joyful existence. Seeing the glass "half full" perpetuates hope. Faith is better than seeing. Faith gives me the freedom to enjoy the little every day things,
the smell of freshly tilled earth, the call of a crow flying over, a good fire, a vibrant sunset, or just the warmth of a good fire, and the comfort of my soft, big log bed, at the end of a long cold day.


I love to be in the wilderness. It is my favorite place. I love the mountains and have always wanted to live there. I have come to love my home on the "Pungo Prairie" just as well. I have gotten to know "me" best since moving here and I like "me" a whole lot better now. God has taught me to just be happy to "Bloom where I am Planted"...and you know what?...I have never been happier!



                    Take the "Little House On The Pungo Prairie" virtual tour.

                                      Click the play icon in the picture above.


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